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Grands Camp

Grands Camp

Grands Camp provides a unique opportunity for intergenerational ministry. Grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy time together through games, crafts, stories, mission projects, LEGOS and more.

2024 Dates & Times: July 24th – 26th (from 9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.)

Age for Grandchild Participants: Please note that this camp is most appropriate for children ages 4 – elementary school. There will be a limited number of slots for middle school aged youth helpers. Please email Kathryn McGregor at Kmcgregor@UnityFortMill.org to inquire about youth helper slot openings.

Up to 2 grandchildren may attend with each grandparent. Have more grandchildren than that?  Bring an additional grandparent, either related or surrogate, or contact Kathryn McGregor to find additional surrogate grandparents.

Don’t have grandparents or grandchildren who can participate with you?  Email Kathryn McGregor at Kmcgregor@UnityFortMill.org to sign up to be a surrogate grandparent or grandchild for another member of our congregation.

Registration is open from April 15th – May 10th, 2024.


  • Please register family groups of grandchildren and grandparents together under one registration. If you are registering grandchildren or grandparents who are not members of Unity, click, “Add a guest” and type their name.
  • Use the drop down box to indicate which people are grandchildren and which are grandparents. The $30 fee is per grandchild and pays for supplies. There is no fee for grandparents.
  • Please click all the way through registration and click the “REGISTER” button to complete your registration. You will then receive a Confirmation screen so you know your registration was successful.
  • Questions or problems with registration? Contact Kathryn McGregor at 803-547-5543 or KMcGregor@UnityFortMill.org