United in Christ's love, we glorify God
through worship, nurture, and service to all people.

Youth & Their Families

We believe in Community. Unity Youth Group is a safe place to be who you are and to be loved by others. Teenagers in Middle and High School learn and grow with their peers, but they also get to know members of our church of different generations. All teenagers have the power to change the world by treating others the way they would want to be treated; through our time together we look forward to growing our relationships with one another and growing in faith together.

Housekeeping Items

  • All youth participating in youth events on campus should fill out the Youth Ministries Registration Form found here: Paper Copy / Online Form.
  • All youth participating in youth activities off-campus (including trips, mission events and outings) must fill out a Permission and Medical Form specific to their event. These forms can be found here when the registration is up and running.
  • All youth should fill out the Photo Release Form. These are good for as long as you are worshiping at Unity. Photos taken at youth group or on youth trips may be used on our Facebook Page, website, and our promotional materials. The names and locations of our youth are never published.


Mental Health Resources For Teens