United in Christ’s love, we glorify God
through worship, nurture, and service to all people.

Children & Their Families

Children’s Ministry Vision Statement

Unity Presbyterian Church: a nurturing environment where children and their families experience God in all areas of the life of the church and are empowered to live as disciples of Christ.

Our guiding principles:

  • We believe that God loves all people and calls us to do the same
  • We believe in establishing a Christ centered foundation for children and their families
  • We believe that, as followers of Christ, we are always growing, learning and serving
  • We believe in fostering relationships that lead to a greater sense of community
  • We believe the church is a safe place that is welcoming and inclusive

PARENTS EVENTS: We firmly believe that church isn’t just a building, but it is what happens throughout our daily lives. Striving to provide opportunities for children and their families to watch worship together, engage in Christian education-based crafts and games is important to us.

SUNDAY AFTERNOONS: At Unity, we pride ourselves on guiding the children through their journey with Jesus through the years. Here you will find more information by age and grade to help show you more about the stepping stones we help to put into place for the children’s path as they grow up in the church.

SUNDAY MORNINGS: With a dedicated staff and team of amazing volunteers, we provide many opportunities for children of all ages to worship with us on Sundays. From nursery to Sunday School and Children in Worship, we have programming for every child. Click the link below to find out everything you need to know regarding your child’s time at Unity on Sunday morning.

UPCOMING EVENTS: Throughout the year we host a variety of events for our children and attend camps during the Summer. We strive to not only teach them about Jesus and the true meaning of the various holidays, but also to provide inter-generational Faith formation opportunities so our children and their families can continue to grow in Faith together.

Safe Place Policy

Unity is a Safe Place for all of God’s children. Anyone interested in volunteering with children and youth at Unity is required to complete a Volunteer Application, which authorizes us to complete a background check and to attend Safe Place Training. To view the Safe Place policy, click here. Training is offered for new volunteers on a regular basis.