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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness

Our mission at Unity is to provide support and encouragement for the health, well-being, and wholeness of our congregation. This group recognizes the integral relationship between body, mind, and spirit, as we strive to be the persons God calls us to be. When we are well, we help others be well.

Our Health Ministries Team Focuses on:

  • Hosting blood pressure checks by having nurses available on various Sunday’s throughout the year to to assist our congregation in monitoring blood pressure
  • Offering CPR/AED (Automated External Defibrillator) classes two times per year and additional first aid classes are offered periodically.
  • Providing a medical equipment closest for members that are in need of medical equipment for a short period of time including wheelchairs, walkers, canes. etc.
  • Providing first aid kits throughout the church and offering fitness activities throughout the year to encourage an active, healthy lifestyle.

Questions? Contact Don Rice via email at wdonrice@gmail.com.

The affect of COVID 19 on mental health

  • Susan Bullard, member of Unity, shares thoughts about how Covid-19 quarantines, routine interruptions, school and work changes and other issues continue to affect our mental health. Click here to view her 15-minute message offering information and encouragement.
  • Brantlee Spurrier, member of Clover Presbyterian Church, discusses the impact on the pandemic on Children and Youth and how to help them navigate. Click here to view her 7 minute talk.

Are you struggling with mental health?

Our Health Ministries has worked to provide an extensive list of mental health resources in the Fort Mill and surrounding areas. Click here to view this list, we are hopeful this list will lead you to the resources to help you at this time.