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Member Login: REALM

REALM is an online ministry tool designed for real time connection. It helps our church connect with you and you connect with us. Realm lets us all stay in touch, share files, photos and messages. Newsfeeds keep our church groups connected throughout the week. You can update your family’s information and decide who can see it, find contact information for other church members, view your giving history, and make contributions online.

YOU ARE VITAL to making this a success! Please click here to sign up, log in, and help us GET CONNECTED!

Your invitation has been sent. You should find it in your Inbox. One important thing to note about your Realm invitation is that the link is time sensitive, so please do not delay in creating your login! Also, below are the password requirements that might help to avoid any problems as you create your account:

Realm password must:

  • Be 8 or more characters long. There is no maximum limit on length.
  • Meet 3 of the following additional requirements:
    • Contain at least 1 uppercase character.
    • Contain at least 1 lowercase character.
    • Contain at least 1 symbol (!,@,#,$,%,^, and so on).
    • Contain at least 1 number.
    • Contain 15 or more characters.

Your password CANNOT:

  • Contain any 3-or-more-character sequence from your username or email. If, for instance, your username is JeffAnderson@example.com, your password could not contain “jeff” or “ander”.
  • Include 3 or more repeating characters (such as 222).
  • Include 3 or more characters in sequence (such as 123, 321, or abc).

If you have problems creating your account or if you find that your link has expired, contact Anissa Lee at alee@unityfortmill.org or 803-547-5543. Please discontinue using any previously saved bookmarks for logging into Unity’s old system. You can now access Realm by clicking the “Login” button on Unity’s website.