United in Christ's love, we glorify God
through worship, nurture, and service to all people.

Church Staff


Church Staff

Unity Presbyterian Church is blessed to have an amazing staff that works together to ensure things run smoothly for the church and congregation. For more information regarding staff roles and responsibilities, Click Here.

Rev. Dr. Susan E. Moorefield Bridge Interim Senior Pastor / Head of Staff, began her role at Unity in November 2019. She is serving our congregation, its leaders, staff, and others until a “called and installed” Senior Pastor begins work with our congregation. As the Bridge Interim, she is involved with the broad needs of transitional ministry, preaching, teaching, congregational care, and much more.

Lindsay White Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry, has served since 2015. While the primary focus of her pastoral role is on youth in grades 6 through 12, college students, and their families, she is committed to the inter-generational community of our congregation. She balances her time between youth programming and other pastoral duties, including preaching, teaching, leading worship, and pastoral care.

Kathryn McGregor Director of Christian Education

Margaret Monroe Director of Music

Jacob Saylor Church Administrative Officer

Pam Bright Financial Manager & Facilities Manager

Linda Bunge Preschool Director

Debbie Butler Administrative Assistant

Lauren Lochel Nursery Coordinator

Anissa Lee Administrative Assistant

Melissa Dye Children In Worship Coordinator

Carmen Pickett Nursery Caregiver

Albert White Senior Sexton

Sylvia Coleman Nursery Caregiver

Angie Benjamin Nursery Caregiver

Carolyn Blair Nursery Caregiver

Nancy Nutter Coordinator of Outreach and Hospitality

Sarah Clark Hopfer Communications Specialist