United in Christ's love, we glorify God
through worship, nurture, and service to all people.

Special Offering

Dimes for Hunger Challenge: 20 cents per meal, per person.

DIMES FOR HUNGER began in our presbytery in 1977 when most of the textile mills in our area closed, and many people who lost their jobs were unable to feed themselves and their families.  The plan was simple: ask each member in each of our churches to give one dime – per meal – per day for the month of September.  The offering would be used to help provide food for our neighbors who were hungry.  Why do we continue to do this?  Christ told his disciples to “give them something to eat.”

Unity members have contributed almost $123,000 to this program since 1986. It’s important to remember that 100% of your DFH gift goes to feed the hungry. When you share your dimes, you share your love and compassion for others. This special offering will be collected from September 1 thru October 4.

In this year of Covid-19, the challenges are even greater, so our goals need to be greater. Can each of you plan on giving 20 CENTS per meal this year?  (That’s about $18/person.) Help spread your love by feeding those in need during this critical time.

Click here to view the 2020 Dimes for Hunger Announcement.