Youth Ministries

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Youth Ministries

Youth Ministry Team Goals

  • To create opportunities for youth to develop personal relationships with God by their own initiative.
  • To provide service opportunities where students may express the faith they have developed.
  • To encourage intergenerational opportunities that engage in the life of Unity Presbyterian church
  • To help establish a spiritual foundation grounded in Scripture
  • To establish a safe place for welcoming and inclusive fellowship/community to occur.

Youth Ministry Vision and Priorities

The Youth Ministry Team believes that ministry to youth in our community is changing and looking different. We believe that teenagers are looking for communion with others, both in their own generation and in other generations. We believe that teenagers are looking for mission and purpose. This generation is going to change the world, and we as the church are excited to be a part of that change.


All of our opportunities in the 2019-2020 school year include chances to be in communion with others and to make a difference in our community and the world. By no means do we expect that all of our youth will attend all of our programs. We believe teenagers are looking for a place to belong in our church: maybe they come to Sunday School but not Youth Group, Prayer Breakfast but not Sunday School. We want teens to know that no matter where they find their place here, they are beloved children of the living God and an important part of our ministry. We seek to serve each youth exactly where they are.

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Youth Group Information

Youth Group is a place where...


...We Belong

We believe in unity: our youth go to a wide variety of schools and come from a wide variety of backgrounds and families, we believe that all are welcome here at Unity Presbyterian Church. The Scriptures are clear: Jesus welcomed everyone he met and invited them to be a part of the Kingdom of God; we strive to live that same principle at Youth Group.

...We Grow

We believe in community: Unity Youth Group is a safe place to be who you are and to be loved by others. Teenagers in Middle and High School learn and grow with their peers, but they also get to know members of our church of different generations. We believe these connections are vital to faith formation and a representation of God’s Kingdom on earth. We hope that at Unity, you will have friendships and mentorships that last a lifetime. We believe that everyone is learning how to be themselves and live their best life, and Youth Group is a safe place to learn and grow together.

...We Change The World

We meet on Sundays for a purpose. We believe that teenagers have the power to change the world by treating others the way they would want to be treated. This year is going to be different: we’re not just going to talk about how to love our neighbors; we are going to actively do things to care for others in the world. From simple mission projects like collecting cans and making dog treats to more complicated endeavors like a massive clothing drive and trips to local organizations. This year, we are ready to truly be the change we wish to see in the world and in our community.

Middle School Youth Group 

5:00-6:00 pm, Sunday evenings.
Pick Up and Drop off at Youth Wing Parking Lot; meet in M102

Fall Schedule

Middle School Youth Group is a place where youth in grades 6-8 can gather in fellowship and fun, explore their faith, and serve their community. MSYG will typically meet in the Youth Wing Parking Lot and M102 (across from the elevator) unless otherwise noted. Friends and visitors always welcome! All youth must fill out the Youth Registration Form to attend.

High School Youth Group 

5:00-6:00 pm, Sunday evenings.
Pick Up and Drop off at Youth Wing Parking Lot; Parking in Fellowship Hall Parking Lot; Meet in M108

Fall Schedule

High School Youth Group is a place where youth in grades 9-12 can gather in Fellowship and fun, explore their faith, and serve their community. HSYG will meet in the Youth Wing classrooms unless otherwise noted. Friends and visitors are always welcome! All youth must fill out the Youth Registration Form to attend.


Year Long Calendar: 2019-2020

18: Youth Sunday

1: No YG; Labor Day
8: Youth Group
15: Youth Group
22: Youth Group
29: Youth Group

4-5: Confirmation Retreat
5: Go MAD Day
11-13: HS Beach Retreat
13: MS Trampoline Day
20: None – long weekend
27: SNL
3: SNL
10: SNL
17: SNL
24: SNL

1: None – Thanksgiving
7: Ft Mill Xmas Parade
8: Caroling
14: Bday Party for Jesus
15: YG Xmas Party
22: Christmas Break
29: Christmas Break
5: YG
12: YG
19: YG
26: YG

1: Snow Tubing
9: Fundraiser
16: Mission Event
23: SNL

1: SNL
8: SNL
15: SNL
22: SNL
28: Easter Egg Hunt
5: None (Spring Break)
12: None (Easter)
19: Special Event
26: Bible Study

Register for Special Events

Snow Tubing 

February 1, 2020

Deadline to sign up: January 19



Youth Registration Form

All youth participating in youth events on campus should fill out the 2019-2020 Youth Ministries Registration Form.
Paper Copy 
Online Form
All youth participating in youth activities off-campus (including trips, mission events and outings) must fill out a Permission and Medical Form specific to their event. These forms can be found here when the registration is up and running.

Photo Release Form

All youth should fill out the Photo Release Form. These are good for as long as you are worshiping at Unity. Photos taken at youth group or on youth trips may be used on our Facebook Page, website, and our promotional materials. The names and locations of our youth are never published.

Questions about Youth Ministry Activities? 

Send an email!
Try our new info email: The chair of our Youth Ministry Team will make sure you get an answer!

You can also email Rev. Lindsay White, our Associate Pastor:

Call the Church! 803.547.5543

Sunday School


On Sunday mornings, we offer Sunday School for all ages during the Sunday School Hour of 10:00-10:45am. In Middle School, our classes are focused on bridging the gap between biblical knowledge and practical faith application. In High School, our class is focused on faith development and practical application.


We offer the following Sunday School classes every week during the school year. The kickoff for 2019 will be August 18, and we will have Sunday School through May 10. The only dates when Sunday School classes will not be happening are: September 1 (Labor Day), December 29 (Christmas), and April 12 (Easter).


Room M107
*Please note: the Confirmation Sunday School class will be combined with 6th/7th grade through the end of January when they will split off. More details to come.


Room M108 (Youth Room)


Teachers and Assistants should sign up here to schedule their times to teach:
Middle School Sunday School Signups
High School Sunday School Signups



In the Presbyterian Church USA, when we practice baptism, we believe that we are proclaiming the completed work of God in giving grace and mercy to the individual being baptized. We welcome the individual into the fold of God often before he/she can even respond. In baptism, families and the congregation promise to raise the child in the way of God. In Confirmation, we confirm the promises made on our behalf at our baptisms by professing our faith in Jesus Christ and becoming full members of the congregation.

At Unity, we invite all eighth graders to be a part of the Confirmation Journey. In this journey, youth will be expected to participate in classes during Sunday School, attend worship regularly, attend a retreat, attend Sponsor Group meetings, and write a Statement of Faith to be shared with the Session.

Every 4 years, we offer Confirmation for Older Youth for anyone who may have missed in 8th grade. The next Confirmation for Older Youth class will be held in the spring of 2023.

Confirmation Class during Sunday School (10:00-10:45 am). From August through January, the Confirmation Class will meet with the 6th/7th graders in M107. In February, we will split to focus on Presbyterian theology and history, and we will meet in M106.

If you would like to be a part of the Confirmation Class, please contact Lindsay White as soon as possible ( and fill out the Commitment Form found below.


The 2019-20 Confirmation Schedule is here.


Commitment Form
Information for Parents

Safe Place Policy

Unity is a Safe Place for all of God's children. Anyone interested in volunteering with youth and children at Unity is required to complete a Volunteer application, which authorizes us to complete a background check, and to attend Safe Place Training. Training is offered for new volunteers on a regular basis. Contact Kathryn McGregor at 803.547.5543 or or Lindsay White at to inquire about our next training.  Below are the Safe Place Policy and Volunteer form.



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