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Middle School Snow Tubing: January 26, 2019, 9:00am-9:00 pm, $70 per person

Sunday School


On Sunday mornings, we offer Sunday School for all ages during the Sunday School Hour of 10:00-10:45am. In Middle School, our classes are focused on bridging the gap between biblical knowledge and practical faith application. In High School, our class is focused on faith development and practical application.

We offer the following Sunday School classes regularly:

  • 6th-7th grade: Room M107
  • 8th grade Confirmation: M106
  • High School: Room M108 (Youth Room)

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In the Presbyterian Church USA, when we practice baptism, we believe that we are proclaiming the completed work of God in giving grace and mercy to the individual being baptized. We welcome the individual into the fold of God often before he/she can even respond. In baptism, families and the congregation promise to raise the child in the way of God. In Confirmation, we confirm the promises made on our behalf at our baptisms by professing our faith in Jesus Christ and becoming full members of the congregation.

At Unity, we invite all eighth graders to be a part of the Confirmation Journey. In this journey, youth will be expected to participate in classes during Sunday School, attend worship regularly, attend a retreat, attend Sponsor Group meetings, and write a Statement of Faith to be shared with the Session.

Confirmation Class during Sunday School (10-10:45am) is held in M106.

If you would like to be a part of the Confirmation Class, please contact Lindsay White as soon as possible ( and fill out the Commitment Form found below.


The 2018-19 Confirmation Schedule is here.

Youth Ministry Team Goals

  • To create opportunities for youth to develop personal relationships with God by their own initiative.
  • To provide service opportunities where students may express the faith they have developed.
  • To encourage intergenerational opportunities that engage in the life of Unity Presbyterian church
  • To help establish a spiritual foundation grounded in Scripture
  • To establish a safe place for welcoming and inclusive fellowship/community to occur.

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Youth Group Information


5:00-6:00 pm on Sunday evenings

Middle School Youth Group is place where youth in grades 6-8 can gather in fellowship and fun, explore their faith, and serve their community. On a regular youth group evening, we will have 25 minutes of games, a 10 minute devotion, 20 minutes of small group discussion and activities, and a 5 minute challenge.

Middle School youth can be dropped off at the Youth Wing Parking Lot (by the cemetery) and picked up in the Fellowship Hall Parking Lot.


6:45-7:45 pm, Sunday evenings

High School Youth Group is a place where youth in grades 9-12 can gather in fellowship and fun, explore their faith, and serve their community. On a regular youth group evening, we will have 20 minutes of games, 10 minutes of devotion, 25 minutes of small group discussion or sharing, and a 5 minute challenge.

High School Youth should park in the Fellowship Hall Parking Lot or should be dropped off by the Youth Wing Parking Lot (by the cemetery). 


SNL Meals are Family Meals: We invite all children, youth, and adults to come as a family to SNL Meals from 6:00-6:45 pm in the Fellowship Hall. This is a chance to be together as a family and as our church family.

Payment and Reservations: We will continue to have reservations online here, and we encourage you to reserve your spots by Wednesday at noon. Unlike previously, you’ll register with the number in attendance rather than each individual. Instead of a price per meal, we will accept donations to offset the cost of the meals. The suggested donation per person is $4, but we will not be checking you off and making sure that you pay each week. That way, you can make one donation at the beginning, or you can make a donation each week, or you can donate online by designating your donation to SNL Meals.

Youth Group Meal Provider Sign Ups


*** All forms filled out for 2018-2019 prior to Dec 9 have been lost in the fire. Please fill out a new form for participating in events. Thank you.***

All youth participating in Regular Youth Group must fill out the 2018-2019 Youth Ministries Registration Form. This form is for programming that happens on-campus only.

All youth participating in youth activities off-campus (including trips, mission events, and outings) must fill out the 2018-2019 Permission and Medical Form. This form is for transportation and medical information.

All youth should fill out the Photo Release Form. Photos taken at youth group or on trips may be used on our Facebook Page, our website, and our promotional materials. The names and locations of our youth are never published.

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Safe Place Policy

Unity is a Safe Place for all of God's children. Anyone interested in volunteering with youth and children at Unity is required to complete a Volunteer application, which authorizes us to complete a background check, and to attend Safe Place Training. Training is offered for new volunteers on a regular basis. Contact Kathryn McGregor at 803.547.5543 or or Lindsay White at to inquire about our next training.  Below are the Safe Place Policy and Volunteer form.



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