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  • Dec. 3 - HOPE: Comfort

    Comfort—Isaiah 40:1-11The scripture starts out saying “Comfort, oh comfort my people.” Comfort. When I personally hear the word I think of ‘comfort foods’ especially during the holiday season. My stomach is rumbling as I think of warm chicken and dumplings, gooey macaroni and cheese, silky smooth pies and warming, fragrant apple cider.

  • Dec. 2 - HOPE: God Never Left Me

    God Never Left Me—Isaiah 30:19-26 I began writing my devotional in late October, while attending a women’s spiritual retreat in Blowing Rock, NC. The leaves were at their peak, painted by a grand master. The weather was lovely and I was sitting outside in a small amphitheater with a simple stone cross at its center.

  • Dec. 1 - HOPE: How Firm a Foundation

    How Firm a Foundation—Isaiah 4:2-6We recently sang the hymn, How Firm a Foundation, in church. The verses were so comforting, affirming that God is always with us, no matter what. One verse in the hymn especially touched me:“When through the deep waters I call you to gothe rivers of sorrow shall not overflowFor I will be with you in trouble to blessAnd sanctify to you your deepest distress”My first thought was of those who had recently experienced damage from Hurricane Matthew.

  • Nov. 30 - HOPE: Elmer Gantry and His Fancy

    Elmer Gantry and His Fancy—Matthew 24:23-35Elmer Gantry is, admittedly, an odd scruple for a devotional theme. The powerful if heavy-handed book by Sinclair Lewis is better suited to a screed about the obliquity of our sins and shortcomings than about the babe born in a manger. But bear with me.Ambrose said that our Lord did not deign to save us with logic.

  • Nov. 29 - HOPE: Here is the Hope!

    Here is the Hope! - Hebrews 11:32-40“Yet all these, though they were commended for their faith…” Hebrews 11:39aThe first week of Advent focuses on HOPE, and at first glance, our scripture for the day seems like a strange choice. Some of the images are rather terrifying – people being flogged, wandering destitute in the desert, living in caves, and killed by the sword; where is the hope in that?

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