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Confirmation: Professing our Faith

In the Presbyterian Church USA, when we practice baptism, we believe that we are proclaiming the completed work of God in giving grace and mercy to the individual being baptized. We welcome the individual into the fold of God often before he/she can even respond. In baptism, families and the congregation promise to raise the child in the way of God. In Confirmation, we confirm the promises made on our behalf at our baptisms by professing our faith in Jesus Christ and becoming full members of the congregation.

At Unity, we invite all eighth graders to be a part of the Confirmation Journey. In this journey, youth are expected to participate in classes during Sunday School, attend worship regularly, attend a retreat, attend Sponsor Group meetings and write a Statement of Faith to be shared with the Session.

Every 4 years, we offer Confirmation for Older Youth for anyone who may have missed in 8th grade. The next Confirmation for Older Youth class will be held in the spring of 2023.

Curious about the Confirmation Journey? Click here for more information.

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