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Re-Gathering and Opening Plan

Re-Gathering & Opening Plan (as of 4.1.2021)

Welcome to Unity’s page dedicated to providing our congregation and community with the most updated information regarding the church’s plans to resume on-campus activities in a coordinated, safe and methodical way.

(From SCDHEC Website – York County, SC COVID cases, click here to view.)

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the Re-Gathering Team do and what metrics do they look at? 

Unity’s Re-Gathering Team is meeting weekly to review COVID metrics and to develop protocols for opening our Sanctuary and campus using appropriate precautions for our Congregation. The primary metrics that the Team is using are: (a) the 7-day moving average of new COVID cases, (b) the 7-day moving average for percent positive tests for COVID, and (c) hospitalization rates. The Team reviews these metrics weekly for York, Lancaster and Mecklenburg Counties as those are the major areas where our Congregation lives.

When will the church be opened for in-person worship? 

Based on current community conditions, the Re-Gathering Team was pleased and excited to bring several motions to the March 22, 2021 Session meeting.  Session approved motions to institute Phase B protocols and to allow indoor worship services in the Sanctuary beginning Sunday, April 18, 2021.

What are Phase B Protocols and what do I need to do to begin attending?

The Phase B protocols are the new practices that we are implementing that will allow us to safely return to in-person worship.  They include pre-registering to attend services, reducing the number of people allowed in the Sanctuary, as well as requirements to observe physical distancing and wearing masks throughout the service. For instructions on how to register to attend and details on the Phase B protocols, please follow the link at the top of this page.

Please note, the Re-Gathering Team does recommend members of the congregation at high risk for COVID continue to worship outside with us or remotely via live stream.

What’s next?

The Re-Gathering Team will continue to meet weekly to review COVID metrics, review the effectiveness of our protocols, and continue to look for ways to expand the opportunities for worship and ministries on the Unity campus.  Any decisions on expanding opportunities will be based on continued, improving COVID metrics.

Below are links to the current COVID-related protocols:

If you have any questions or concerns on COVID preparations for the church, please reach out to the Re-Gathering team and Re-Gathering@unityfortmill.org.