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Indoor Meeting Protocol

Indoor Meeting Protocol (as of October 28, 2020)

To request an indoor meeting space, email Debbie Butler at dbutler@unityfortmill.org

Phase A protocols for indoor meetings:

  1. Four rooms are being made available for Unity groups such as bible studies, ministries team meetings, worship planning, staff meetings.
  2. Indoor meetings may not last longer than one hour.
  3. A minimum of four hours (prefer six hours) downtime is required between the end of one meeting and the beginning of another meeting.
  4. Each of the four rooms has a maximum number assigned; refer below.
  5. The following rooms are the ONLY areas available for indoor meetings:
    1. Conference Room (M312) – sitting at the table / 6 people OR sitting against wall / 10 people.
    2. Fellowship Hall – tables and chairs set up / 15 people at 15 tables OR chairs only set up / 15 people.
    3. Narthex – bring your own chair / 10 people.
    4. Room M210 – tables and chairs set up / 6 people at 6 tables.
  1. Room set-ups are to remain as is.
  2. Registration for rooms through Debbie via e-mail.

Zoom and Outdoor still encouraged . . .

  1. Groups of any size are encouraged to meet via Zoom and/or outdoors.
  2. Groups more than 15 individuals must meet via Zoom and/or outdoors (in sub-groups of no more than 15).

Group Leaders must . . .

  1. Open exterior windows as appropriate (contact Jacob with questions).
  2. Clean / disinfect touch points after the meeting with HALT.  Spray meeting room tables and doorknobs.  If restrooms have been used then spray HALT on faucets, handles, and doors.
  3. Contact Debbie for arranging cleaning instructions by the Re-Gathering Team.
  4. Maintain weekly attendance list for the duration of our COVID precaution efforts.
  5. Most importantly reinforce to those attending indoor gatherings:
    1. If meeting in the Narthex – bring your own chair.
    2. Wear your mask.
    3. Remain 6’ distance from others.
    4. Do not use the water fountains.
    5. Bring your hand sanitizer for personal use.
    6. Wash your hands.

To request an indoor meeting space, email Debbie Butler at dbutler@unityfortmill.org