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Virtual Christmas Pageant

Virtual Christmas Pageant: “Finding Our Place at the Manger”

All children and youth are invited to participate in our virtual Christmas pageant, “Finding Our Place at the Manger” to be live-premiered at 10:00 am on Christmas Eve.

How do I submit my video/photos? 

  • Click here to view full instructions regarding costumes, props, filming, photos and more!


  • We have broken the story into 44 individual still photos that will be put together with a voice-over narration to tell the story.
  • You can choose whether your picture is set in present day, or Bible times, whether you take the pictures inside or outside and what types of items you use for props. Be creative!
  • Beside each picture on the sign up list is the number of people needed to take that picture, please leave the pictures needing a single person for only children or smaller families.
  • If you are “podding” with another family or two from church, consider getting together to take one or two of the pictures needing more people.
  • Sign up by November 15. All photos are due by December 6.


  • The virtual children’s choir will sing three familiar Christmas carols.
  • Ms. Margaret has excellent instructions on how to record your singing for all those who sign up to participate in the choir and will be in touch with all choir participants once you have signed up.
  • Sign up by November 15. All videos are due by December 6.