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Congregational Zoom

From the Pastor Nominating Committee

Your Pastor Nominating Committee (“PNC”) is delighted to announce Session has approved and scheduled a virtual congregational meeting for the purpose of hearing a report from the PNC and voting on a new Senior Pastor/Head of Staff. During this meeting, you will hear a report from the PNC, learn details about the candidate, hear the terms of call and have the opportunity to ask questions.

Click here for more information and to view the full letter.

The congregation has been asked some great questions regarding the transition process, pastor candidate, etc. Take a moment to view these short videos from Pastor Lindsay as she answers some of these questions. Click here to view the full FAQ document.


The PNC looks forward to successfully completing this congregational meeting and welcoming a new pastor to Unity. Our future is bright and filled with hope and we are excited to continue the journey with all of you. Should you have any questions prior to the congregational meeting on May 31st, email PNC@unityfortmill.org.