Year End Giving


Year End Giving

(Applies to General Fund and Endowment Program)

In addition to checks, cash and online giving consider the following additional ways to support Unity:

1. Gifts of Appreciated Stock:

When stock is donated to a non-profit charity, like Unity, two benefits are realized. First, Unity gains the full value of the donated stock. Second, the owner likely would not owe any tax on the increased value of the stock.

2. Charitable IRA Rollover aka Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD):

For individuals with Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) there are requirements once you turn 70½ to begin taking Required Minimum Distributions (RMD). Under current rules individuals age 70½ or older may transfer up to $100,000 annually from their IRA accounts directly to a charity, like Unity, without recognizing the distribution as income. Such a distribution counts toward the Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), the mandatory, minimum yearly withdrawals that generally must be taken starting in the year after you turn 70½ and avoid any penalty tax that occurs by not meeting the RMD. This is a tax benefit to the individual while supporting Unity. 

3. Employer Charitable Gift Matching Programs

Contact your employer for information on your company’s plan.


Gifts must be received or postmarked on or before December 31st in order to be applied to your 2016 Charitable Giving Statement.

Individual circumstances vary. It is important that you seek the advice of your tax 

professional for personal tax benefits.