Special Announcement

NOTE: All time and talent information was created by the Stewardship Team prior to our campus closing. All information online and on the forms are accurate, except the date for Commitment Sunday has been postponed; new date to be announced soon.

In the meantime, materials can be mailed or dropped in the locked, black mailbox on the corner of the driveway in front of the Historic Sanctuary.

Update your "Time & Talent" pledge any time!

Please prayerfully consider the ways God may be leading you to share in our ministry and indicate that on your commitment sheets.

Click here to view instructions on how to submit "Time & Talent" interests online. 

Our Vision

There is a lot of excitement about what Unity can do in each program year. We envision expanding our outreach and benevolent ministries and to continue to practice different ways of growing in faith together - adults, children and youth. In addition to maintaining our campus as a safe and welcoming place to meet, we plan to continue upgrading the older parts of our facilities. All of this is possible through the generous support of your time, talent and treasure. As we stand on the shoulders of the generations that came before us let us be a strong foundation for those who follow.