Unity News

The History of the Manse

Around 1920, Unity Presbyterian Church built a manse, which served for half a century as the home of eight ministers of the congregation and their families. In the early 1970’s the aging manse was renamed the “Church House” and renovated for congregational use. Numerous Sunday School classes and youth groups met there regularly, and the Church House was also used by local community groups. Long-time members may remember the Halloween Haunted House that took place in the Church House every year under the direction of Bob Lane. In recent years, the Church House was used exclusively by the Boy Scouts until the building was deemed unsafe and the Boy Scouts relocated to newer and safer areas on our church campus. Cost estimates for repairing or restoring the Church House were prohibitive, and the decision was made to demolish the building. After many months of preparation, demolition took place on May 12, 2015. The area will be cleared and landscaped. There are no plans for construction of another building at this time.