Sunday Night Live!

Sunday Night Live 
Upcoming Dates: Sept 16-Oct 14, 2018 and Feb 24-March 24, 2019

Sunday Night Live offers opportunities for learning for children and adults from 5:00-6:00 pm for five consecutive weeks in the fall and in the spring each year. 

Family Meals

This spring, we will be doing Sunday Night Live Meals a little differently, and we are going to need YOUR help to make this happen! Below is a list of details about how the meals will work and how YOU can be involved in this ministry. Thank you!

SNL Meals are Family Meals: We invite all children, youth, and adults to come as a family to SNL Meals from 6:00-6:45 pm in the Fellowship Hall. This is a chance to be together as a family and as our church family.

Payment and Reservations: We will continue to have reservations online (below), and we encourage you to reserve your spots by Wednesday at noon. Unlike previously, you’ll register with the number in attendance rather than each individual. Instead of a price per meal, we will accept donations to offset the cost of the meals. The suggested donation per person is $4, but we will not be checking you off and making sure that you pay each week. That way, you can make one donation on February 25, or you can make a donation each week, or you can donate online by designating your donation to SNL Meals.

Who is providing the meals? Each week a different SNL group will be in charge of gathering items for the meals. Families will be invited to donate items by using a Sign-Up Genius. When you bring an item for the meal, you can either request reimbursement (save your receipts!) or you can choose not to donate money at the meal that evening.


Adult opportunities include a variety of options from Bible studies to creative classes to topics of interest in the church and our community. These elective classes change every semester. Class information will be available in early August.


In the fall, 2nd grade children and a parent participate in a “Worship Readiness” class while the 3rd graders participate in a “Learning to Use My Bible” class. In the Spring, 2nd and 3rd graders explore interactive prayer practices. During SNL, 4th and 5th graders attend Growing Christians, or GC’s. GC’s offers older elementary children opportunities for fellowship, devotions, games, and service.