Unity News


On January 25, 2016, Session approved the implementation of a new Unity Presbyterian Endowment Program. This important action was achieved largely because of the steadfast leadership by Pastor Dan Holloway and David Bowman over several years. The Endowment Policies & Procedures (P&P) document clearly lays out the Program purpose, Endowment Board responsibilities, and opportunities for donations to ministries separate from normal stewardship concerns. All Unity members are asked to consider their success and how giving to the Endowment will support vital church needs in perpetuity. The Endowment presents a unique opportunity for Unity members or friends to "Create a Legacy Today--for a Faithful Tomorrow."
Throughout 2015, the following Committee members crafted the Endowment Program after diligent and extensive research: Pastor Dan Holloway, Pam Bright, David Bowman, Spratt White, Bill Hood, John Proctor, Laurie Rogers, Bob Sullivan, and John Rogers. Additionally, Lori Glasco volunteered many hours of creative talent, developing a new Endowment Fund brochure for use by the Board and congregation.
Importantly, Session accepted all Committee recommendations and unanimously confirmed these seven Board members for the following terms: One Year – Nanette Altman and Bill Hood; Two Years – Ellen Barrett and Spratt White; Three Years – Jane Boyd, John Proctor, and John Rogers. This Board will convene in February and establish objectives and plans consistent with the P&P document, as well as the priorities of the 2016 Stewardship campaign.
More information is available from the Church Office or any new Board member. Inquiries are welcome and beneficial to our long-term goals.