Monthly Focus

Monthly Focus

Dimes for Hunger

Dimes for Hunger began in our Presbytery in 1977 when most of the textile mills inour area closed, and many people who lost their jobs were unable to feed themselvesand their families. The plan was simple: ask each member in each of our churches togive one dime- per meal- per day for the month, for a total of $9.30 per person. Theoffering would be used to help provide food for our neighbors who were hungry. Whydo we continue to do this? Christ told his disciples to "give them something to eat".To show our love for Christ and our love for our neighbors, we continue to give ourdimes. Half of our dimes will help neighbors who are hungry in Chester, Kershaw,Lancaster, Union and York Counties. Half of our dimes will go to help our neighborswho are hungry in Guatemala, Honduras, and Malawi. When we share our dimes andour love, we help make a difference in the lives of our neighbors who are hungry.Unity will begin collecting our dimes on Sunday, September 8th. The DFH offeringwill be received on World Communion Sunday, October 6th.

Go MAD Day Registration OPEN

Join your church family for a day of Intergenerational Service. Make A Difference in our community on Go MAD Day, Saturday, October 5 8am-12 pm. 

We have many exciting opportunites for service that you can learn more about and register for HERE, as well as additional details. Go MAD with us!