Monthly Focus

Monthly Focus

Change for the Church

We will again collect our Change for the Church Offering. This Sunday, July 7th, we will bring our loose change, folding money and checks forward for our annual Change for the Church offering. Buckets will be placed in the front of the sanctuary, and you will be invited to come forward and put your offerings in the buckets. Paper money and checks made payable to Unity Presbyterian Church are also welcomed and encouraged, and will be received throughout the month of July. One half of this year’s Change for the Church offering will be used to provide school supplies for children in need in the Fort Mill School District, and the other half will provide school supplies for displaced and refugee Syrian children in Syria and Lebanon. The Foundation for Fort Mill Schools is sponsoring the Classroom Ready project. The aid for Syrian children is being coordinated by the Rock Hill Syria Working Group, a community group supported by Providence Presbytery, Winthrop University, a rea church leaders, public educators, and concerned citizens in York County. We will also be collecting school supplies for Classroom Ready during the month of July. We invite you to take a list of the needed supplies and shop with your family for families that ar ein need of help as they begin the new school year! … The Outreach Team

Sharing Our Stories Of Faith

A Summer Sunday School Opportunity for Adults and Youth

This summer, we will hear the faith stories of a variety of different congregation members, groups, and families in our church. Richard Morgan, in his book, “Remembering Your Story”, says “remembering our stories is not just for our own benefit; it is a sacred responsibility to hand on our values and faith to coming generations.” He believes that “Every life is a unique, invaluable story” and that “God speaks to us in our stories.” He also says that “remembering our stories creates community and a future.” The report from our recent congregational Mission Study highlights that building community amongst congregation members is needed. By hearing the faith stories of a variety of people in our congregation, participants will get to know each other on a deeper level and meet others they have not previously known at all, while growing in their faith and learning about new ways to live out their faith in their everyday lives. Children 6 and under are welcome in the nursery during Sunday school. Older children may attend the program in the Fellowship Hall. Coloring sheets will be available at tables.

Upcoming Speakers:

July 7 – Jim Lester

July 14 – Dannie Vaughn

July 21 – Jessie Little

July 28 – Andrew & Bethany Thomas

Jeannie's July Series

Several years ago I was listening to the radio and Billy Currington’s song, “God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy!” came on. I remarked, “That would make a great sermon title!” Over time the idea came together to create a series of sermons with titles based on country music songs that have the word “beer” in the title or refrain. I will be preaching this three-part sermon series in July. For those who find this disturbing, I want to assure you that the focus will be on scripture texts and God’s word to us, not on beer! It is okay to bring children and teetotalers. I will not be advocating from the pulpit for alcohol abuse or consumption. I will be preaching on texts and themes that I feel are important for the church and in the lives of God’s people. I hope you will join me during July! It is casual month, so you can wear shorts and flip-flops if you like. … Jeannie

Here is the schedule for the sermon series:

July 14 God is Great, Beer is Good, and People are Crazy!
God‘s greatness, human sinfulness, and unmerited grace

July 21 I’m Pretty Good at Drinking Beer
God gives us gifts for our common ministry

July 28 Whiskey for my Men and Beer for my Horses
Stewardship of all creation

Summer of Service

“The king will answer, ‘Whenever you did it for any of my people, no matter how unimportant they seemed, you did it for me.” (Matthew 25:40)

This summer, families at Unity are challenged to focus on Matthew 25:34-40. In this passage, Jesus reminds his followers to care for others, particularly those in need or forgotten by the world, and that when they serve others, they are serving God. Each week there will be at challenge to complete, with several suggestions for how that challenge can be completed. Families are encouraged to take a picture of themselves with Flat Jesus completing the challenge for our Facebook page and bulletin board so we can encourage others as they serve. Each week will offer the option to complete the challenge by praying, giving, or acting. These are just suggestions. Each family may interpret the challenge in a variety of ways. Sharing what we do is not to pat ourselves on the back or brag about our service, but to share ideas that others families may want to do as well. Pick up a Flat Jesus in the Narthex.

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