Monthly Focus

Monthly Focus

Fire Relief

A fire broke out in Unity Hall Sunday Dec 9 about 10 p.m. No one was in the facility at that time. Fort Mill Fire Department responded quickly and was assisted by other area fire departments and first responders. It took 4+ hours to bring the fire under control. No one was injured in the fire or the effort to extinguish it.

Many members have expressed a desire to make a financial contribution to help cover the costs that will be incurred as a result of the December 9th fire. We are still in the beginning stages of clean-up and assessment. Our losses have come in many forms and over the months ahead we will incur several types of expenses relating to buildings and items lost. Some will be reimbursed by insurance, some will not.

The regular budgeting needs of the congregation continue, and your faithful giving to the general fund is more important than ever. Please do not divert funds that would go toward our annual budget to recovery funds. Special gifts toward recovery efforts, over and above our annual budget, will be deeply appreciated.Over the years the Stewardship ministry has designated funds in a General Operating Reserve Fund (GORF Account # 846200) for emergencies, which has avoided delays in getting the clean-up started. As we look ahead to restoration and replacement, amounts available in this fund can be used for any of the costs associated with our fire losses. Please designate GORF for fire related donations.

A Letter About The Fire From Mark