Unity will join with other churches and Thrivent Financial to build a new Habitat for Humanity home in Rock Hill during the Summer/Fall of 2018. We have scheduled June 29th and October 5th as our WorkdaysWorkers of all skill levels, 16 and older, are needed. Contact Steve Hardy via email to reserve your place at stevehardy59@yahoo.com  

Habitat for Humanity is a faith-based homebuilder with the goal of providing safe, affordable housing to partner families. Families qualify based on 1) need, 2) ability to repay a zero interest mortgage for the cost of materials for their home, and 3) willingness to partner with Habitat by working on their own home, homes for others, and attending classes on homeownership.

Unity usually participates in two Habitat workdays each year.  We contribute ~$5000 for each workday and provide workers (16 and older) and food.  In some years we work and contribute more than two workdays, if funds are available, and we have invited other congregations to join us.  Unity members have served on the Habitat Board of Directors and other committees.

Join a Unity workday. Workdays are usually held on Saturdays and workers of all skill levels, 16 or older, are welcome.  Also, volunteers to provide food/drinks are needed.

Volunteer to serve on a Habitat committee.

Donate to the Habitat ReStore.

Contact Steve Hardy for information.

Visit the Habitat for Humanity of York County web site at www.yorkcountyhabitat.org.