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Got Questions?

Do you have things you’ve always wondered about church, God, or why we do things the way we do at Unity Presbyterian Church? Do you want to know more about baptism from a Presbyterian perspective, or understand the nominations process for church leaders at Unity, or wonder what Christians believe about why bad things happen to good people? This is your chance to ask! High school youth and adults of all ages are invited to turn in your questions from now until May 14 in the box provided in the Narthex or by emailing Kathryn McGregor at KMcGregor@UnityFortMill.org. The pastoral staff and lay leaders will lump like questions together and take turns leading a conversation about one of the questions or topics each Sunday this summer in the Fellowship Hall during Sunday school. Depending on how many questions we receive, not all questions may be answered during Sunday school this summer, but we will attempt to address them in some way, whether in a newsletter article or in an upcoming program. So get your creative juices flowing and ask away! We look forward to hearing from you. All questions will be kept anonymous.