Lunch Bunch

Lunch Bunch is an opportunity for fellowship with other adults who are available during the day.  This group meets monthly. Gatherings might include lunch and a program at the church, or even a few outings.  

Lunch Bunch will begins each September. Check back soon for a schedule of events

Congregational Breakfasts

Congregational Breakfasts are held during the Sunday school hour at various times throughout the year.   This a time for food and fellowship!

Ice Cream Social

Unity’s Ice Cream Social is an annual event where our members young and old gather to enjoy ice cream and visit with each other. Volunteers make their favorite ice cream or cookies to share this event usually is held at the beginning of the new Sunday school year (mid- August).  There is also a special table for the kids to build their favorite concoction. You should arrive early has it is always fun to see how long , or not so long it takes us to eat gallons of ice cream.