Endowment Program



The purpose of the Unity Endowment Program is to expand and enrich the long term mission of the Unity congregation by providing support beyond normal operating budget and capital fund giving. The Endowment offers individuals and families the opportunity to “Create a Legacy Today for a Faithful Tomorrow,” thus extending their stewardship both for today and beyond our lifetimes.


Unity Presbyterian Church offers giving opportunities for:

  • Annual giving that supports current operations and programs.
  • Capital campaigns to fund church facility expansions.

The Unity Endowment Program provides a distinctly different giving opportunity since it focuses on the future and provides perpetual support of Christian ministries for today and future generations.

Through your support, you receive the assurance and personal satisfaction that your gift, regardless of size or form, will help assure that your Christian and Family values will continue to be reinforced for those who follow us as we have been blessed by those who came before.


The Unity Endowment Program provides an opportunity for you to create and strengthen your Legacy in a manner suited to personal desires and interests. Below is a brief description of the current Accounts.

  •  Missions/Benevolences - This Account will fund missions and benevolence activities above and beyond those funded in the annual budget.
  • Christian Education Ministry - This Account will assist with funding special projects and missions for children, youth, and adult programs.
  • Music Ministry - Programs, projects, and missions of Unity’s music ministry will be funded by this Account.
  • Capital/Building - Renovations and major improvements to the existing property and equipment that are normally treated as capital expenditures will be supported by this Account.
  • General Endowment – This Account will provide income to support opportunities for ministry beyond general operations of the church and where the need is greatest.


  • Direct Contributions of personal property including cash, stock, bonds and real estate.
  • Bequests of Will or Trusts that can be in dollar($) amounts or percentages(%) of designated parts of your residuary estate.
  • Beneficiary Designations on Bank Accounts, IRA’s, Life Insurance Policies, Annuities and Retirement plans which can reduce family income tax liability upon distribution.
  • Gift Annuities are a simple and effective way to donate funds and to receive an immediate tax deduction plus guaranteed tax favored income.
  • Personal Trusts such as Charitable Lead Trusts provide the Endowment with regular payments for stipulated years, then the trust assets are returned to the donor’s estate. Charitable Remainder Trusts provide lifetime income for a fixed term to the donor or their family. When the term ends, the Endowment receives the remaining trust assets.
  • Donor Advised Funds transfer cash or securities to an IRS approved Donor Fund. The donor retains flexibility to decide the amounts and timing of distributions from the fund to the Endowment or other charities.

Note: Many of these giving opportunities can be accomplished without legal assistance.


For additional information, please refer to our brochure here.

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