Congregational Care


Congregational Care Ministry

The members and staff of Unity Presbyterian Church are committed to providing love, care, and support to each other as we minister to those in need. Also, church events give opportunities for members to have fun and fellowship as they work to meet and know each other better. The Congregational Care ministry team meets the above objectives with the following sub-teams. This team works to continue high quality levels of caring within the church.

Contact Information:
Theresa Higgins: 803.547.2718
Terri Turner: 803.548.2556
Debbie Matthews: 803.230.0970
Denese Reichenbach: 803.322.3161

Cookie Bakers

This group provides home-baked cookies for the receiving of friends before or after a funeral or visitation when held at Unity. There may be other events when cookies are needed and this group would be asked to bake these.

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Hospital Visitation

This Caring group shares with the ministers in the visitation of church members that are hospitalized.

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Bereavement Guild

The Bereavement Guild is a team of volunteers that partner with the food teams to serve the family of our church member that has died. This team contacts the family to find out their needs. They then coordinate volunteers to help serve the meal or reception. All food is delivered and served at the appropriate place. This is a most rewarding ministry as it provided a place for the family to share their grief and memories of their loved one.

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The transportation team is a group of individuals who are usually available during the day to transport members. This is for short term needs. Some needs could be, grocery shopping, an appointment, to church or to an event at church.

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Unity Card Ministry

Volunteers share their gift of note writing and compassion by writing cards to a member that, at that particular time, may be going through a difficult time, often an illness or a death in the family.

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Unity Food Teams

I believe it was Pillsbury who claimed, “Nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven,” and the caring cooks of Unity have taken this advice to heart. In times of illness or grief, a pot of soup, a plate of spaghetti or a pound cake, warm from the oven, can help to soothe the heart and soul with the healing balm of comfort and love. Unity’s eight food teams are composed of 6 – 8 volunteers headed by a captain and co-captain who provide home-cooked meals to members during times of serious illness or death of a family member. Food teams were established to cover the needs of families who are not affiliated with a church circle, when a need arises, circles are responsible for providing food for families in their own membership. There will be exceptions, of course, when food teams will be called upon to help fill this need as well. As Unity’s membership grows, we are always happy to welcome prospective team members who enjoy sharing God’s love through the comfort of food and caring. Our reward is in the grateful smiles for our recipients and the knowledge that we are serving Christ as we serve them. Please join us.

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Caring Friends of Unity (Grief Team)

Caring Friends works as a team to maintain an active list of all members who have lost a family member or had another crisis. We offer condolences and support for the person /family with notes sent four to six weeks after the crisis and keep their names active for a full year. These notes include a list of all team members by name and telephone numbers to encourage their responding. The monthly lists are sent to all the pastors for their records. Telephone calls are made 2 to 3 months after the notes to schedule a visit or identify any particular concerns of the family. We meet as a group prior to the Holiday seasons of Easter and Christmas to address purchased cards for each person/family listed for the year. Usually we address 60 – 70 cards each time and these are mailed from the church. We discuss each loss and contact or response of each loss or response of each individual team member with each family and plan some type of individual contact or response for the families. Any particular concerns are passed on to the pastors for advice or their attention.

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Prayer Shawl Ministry

Unity’s Prayer Shawl Ministry began in 2006 to offer comfort and support for those going through difficult times. Since 2006, we have given 260+ shawls to Hospice and Community Care and 110+ to church members and others in our community. We have 20 ladies who participate in this ministry, and we would love to have you join us with your knitting and/or crochet, or the desire to learn.

We have excellent teachers, and our rewards have been great as seen by some of the comments we received.

  • “…I know I can keep standing when I touch the shawl and put it over my shoulders. There is a warm spirit that I can feel. I have already given instructions that when my life has ended, I want by granddaughter to have it as a special gift from a group of ladies that are certainly women of God.”
  • “Thank you so much for the unique and beautiful prayer shawl. Every time I use it, I will remember the concern, love, and prayers that it represents.”
  • “The gifts of your hands and your hearts combined with loving prayers for other continue to impact lives.”

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Unity Presbyterian Church Visitation

This is a group of loving, compassionate Unity members who serve as a church friend/visitor with members of our congregation who cannot come to church or ones who benefit from a special friend or visit. We visit, make phone calls, and send cards to these members to help them feel they have not been overlooked or forgotten

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Unity Presbyterian Care Teams

Care Teams are made up of a group of volunteers who work together to respond to the real-life needs of individuals or families within our congregation that are facing long or short term challenges. Care Team ministry provides an intentional framework to live out discipleship in a compassionate and meaningful way. Together, Care Teams offer practical, emotional, and spiritual support by dong what we love to do. We often do errands, provide transportation, offer respite care, and a meal or two. Care Teams are always ready to have you.

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Prayer Chain

Unity uses our prayer chain to share the prayer needs of members, members’ families, and the community at large.

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