Church Staff

Dr. R. Dan Holloway, Senior Pastor, has been pastor at Unity since 1989. He serves as Head of Staff and as moderator of the session of the church. In addition to primary responsibility for the preaching ministry of the church, he teaches regularly and works in the areas of stewardship, health ministry, and long-range planning. He also provides guidance to the Staff Team and Nominating Committee and shares in pastoral care with other church pastors. He provides leadership in the life of the larger church as well and is active in community life.


Jeannie Bickett, Senior Associate Pastor, has served as Associate Pastor since 1995. She is active in the overall mission and ministry of the church, with a special focus in worship, outreach, and congregational care ministries. She is involved in older adult ministries, care teams, lay leadership in worship, spiritual formation, planning and visioning, and local and global missions.


Margaret Monroe, Director of Music, has served as Director of Music since 2017. Margaret holds a Masters in Organ and Sacred Music from Indiana University and has served as the Director of Music Ministries and Organist at First United Methodist Church in Lancaster, SC for the past ten years.She has over 14 years of church music experience with adults, children, and hand bells. Her passion is traditional sacred music, but she has experience in different genres of music suitable for worship.


Kathryn McGregor
Director of
 Christian Education

Lindsay White
Associate Pastor for
 Youth Ministry

Jacob Saylor
Church Administrative


Pam Bright
Financial Manager &
 Facilities Manager

Linda Bunge
Preschool Director

Debbie Butler
Administrative Assistant


Lauren Lochel
Nursery Coordinator

Anissa Lee
Administrative Assistant

Melissa Dye
Children In Worship


Bob and Joyce Sullivan
Deacon for Outreach

Joyce White
Deacon for
 Congregational Care

Ronnie Dunn
Kitchen Manager


Albert White
Senior Sexton

David Jennings

Sylvia Coleman
Nursery Caregiver


Angie Benjamin
Nursery Caregiver

Carolyn Blair
Nursery Caregiver

Kisha Lockhart
Nursery Caregiver