Children & Youth Music Ministry


Children & Youth Music Ministry

Junior Choir

Sundays: 4:15 pm – 5:00 pm
Junior Choir is for children in the second through the fifth grade.
Concepts taught in the Junior Choir include the ability to follow a vocal line in a printed piece of music, developing and understanding of good singing posture, continuation of pitch matching, development of natural singing voice, an understanding of the importance and significance of the text. An emphasis is put upon appropriate habits and behaviors of singers in a choir setting and the importance of each child to the group. Children are taught that they all have a contribution to make. Music for the Junior Choir will be based on use with the church calendar and will feature a variety of styles. This group will continue to develop a good unison sound and will begin to sing songs in two part harmony. They will continue to develop a repertoire of songs, hymns, and anthems that may be used in worship or other settings. The Junior Choir rehearses in Room S-110 (choir room), located downstairs in the new sanctuary building.

Cherub Choir 

Sundays: 5:00 pm – 5:45 pm
Cherub Choir is for children ages four through first grade. In order to participate in this choir, children must turn four by September 1st.
Concepts in the Cherub Choir include discovery of the natural singing voice (as opposed to the speaking voice), matching pitch, experiencing steady beat through clapping, moving, singing, or playing an instrument, developing an understanding of patterns in music, and developing a repertoire of simple hymns and songs that may be used in worship. Music selected for this group will be based on things that are appropriate for the church calendar year and those that relay a specific story or Biblical principle. The pieces also convey to the children about God and his love for each one of His children. This choir meets in Room S-116 (handbell room), located downstairs in our new sanctuary building.