Unity News

Change for the Church

On Sunday, July 3, we will bring our loose change, folding money and checks forward for the annual Change for the Church offering.  Buckets will be placed in the front of the sanctuary, and you will be invited to come forward and put your offerings in the buckets.  Begin collecting and saving your coins now.  Paper money and checks made payable to Unity Presbyterian Church are also welcomed and encouraged, and will be received throughout the month of July.

One half of this year’s Change for the Church offering will be used to provide school supplies for children in need in the Fort Mill School district and the other half will provide school supplies for displaced and refugee Syrian children in Lebanon.  The Foundation for Fort Mill Schools is sponsoring the Classroom Ready project. The aid for Syrian children is being coordinated by the Rock Hill Syria Working Group, a community group supported by Providence Presbytery, Winthrop University, area church leaders, public educators and concerned citizens in York County.  Please give generously!

Another Change for the Church is that the month of July is casual month at church.  You are invited to dress casually for worship.  The ministers and choirs will not wear robes.  Shorts and flip flops are welcome!