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Blessed To Be A Blessing

On behalf of the Stewardship team, welcome to Unity’s 2017-2018 Stewardship Campaign.

Our theme for this year is “Blessed to be a Blessing,” based on the following scripture from the book of Matthew:
Matthew 5: 14aYou are the light of the world… 16In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father in heaven.

The theme and scripture encourages reflection on the spiritual gifts that we have been provided, and how we use them to provide light in our world. Our spiritual gifts are blessings of God’s grace. During the Stewardship campaign, we are asking you to consider and reconsider how you plan to share your gifts as a part of the ministry of Unity Presbyterian Church.

There are countless opportunities to serve others and glorify God in worship, education, ministry, service, financial support, and prayer within Unity’s vibrant Christian community but it takes every one of us doing a part.

One’s light may be to enhance a service with musical talent, or to provide a parent a full worship experience with the confidence their child is growing with Christ. Assisting in the maintenance of our buildings and grounds allows us to spread our witness, to our members and frequent guests, within a safe and welcoming campus. If you are called to outreach, Unity is involved in many opportunities within our own community, both regionally and globally.

Importantly, I ask that you prayerfully consider a commitment of support to our General Fund, which provides support to every aspect of our church’s mission.

Thank you. May we all use our gifts to further His mission.

With sincere regards,

Patrick M. Sizemore

Stewardship Chairman