10 Commandments


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The Ten Commandments are an adventure into how people of faith embrace God’s deliverance and how that freedom requires transformation in their personal and social lives. It describes the moral and social structures necessary among those who respond to the remarkable grace of God. Those same issues impact the church today.

I hope you will travel with me this journey through the Ten Commandments.

Your Root Canal (An Introduction by Mark Diehl)

We begin a 12-week series today on the Decalogue, known to most of us as the Ten Commandments. It is with some trepidation that I offer this series.

My first fear is your reaction to the announced subject. I can imagine people thinking: “Oh, a preacher using the Ten Commandments to tell me what I should and shouldn’t do for twelve weeks! God only gave 10 Commandments but he’s adding two more weeks to it. A root canal sounds more exciting. I definitely want sedation. Wake me up when it’s over!”

I don’t blame you. How could a 3,000-year-old code of conduct, rehearsed and dissected and spoon-fed to people for centuries, be anything but off-putting?

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The Two Tablets, The Dual Nature in a Life of Faith 

Both are required in a community being formed by the God of deliverance and transformation.

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The Decalogue as a Radical Path to Peace (Shalom) 

The Decalogue expresses a revolutionary vision and path for a formerly oppressed and enslaved people. This is a surprising claim to a 21st Century audience for something as conventional as the Ten Commandments appear to be. And yet radical resistance is the contextual core that underlies the Decalogue as presented in Hebrew scripture.

Is it possible to recapture the original intent of the Decalogue for the 21st Century? Find out HERE.


Want to go deeper into the Ten Commandments?

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Deliverance and Transformation

The language used about God in this series on the Ten Commandments is intentionally chosen: the God of “deliverance and transformation. Find out what that means HERE.